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Ms. Vooris specializes in counseling, coaching and consulting.

As a Certified Mindfulness Coach, Ms. Vooris will help you learn to clear your mind and support your journey toward making your life easier.

As a Life Coach, Ms. Vooris will help you find your true self and unlock your potential, survive life’s challenges and make the life decisions that will help you regain your balance.

As a counselor, Ms. Vooris is here to help you learn the tools that will allow you to enjoy your life without feeling so stressed or overwhelmed.  She can help you explore who you are, so you can travel mindfully down a path of less stress. The way we think about our life experiences and care for ourselves is key. What is your life story?

My Journey.  My journey to the practice of Psychology, Mindfulness and role of Life Coach has been influenced by the rich experiences in my life as a daughter, mother, wife, naturalist, educator and world traveler. Not all of these experiences have been easy; life can get quite messy at times!  It is my belief that we acquire wisdom by learning as much as we can, analyzing our experiences—both failures and successes, and then putting our knowledge to the test.  

Nature is powerful.  My passion for the outdoors, especially birding and kayaking, has always cleared my mind. Today we call this Mindfulness.

I am looking forward to meeting you.  Please call or email me ( me; it’s a step that you can take today to start feeling better. --Ms. Vooris

Treatment Specialties

  • Anxiety/Stress
  • LGBTQ+
  • Mindfulness
  • Teenage transitions
  • Emotional Regulation Strategies for Young Children (ages 2-10)
  • Parenting—Individual families as well as groups.
    • Ms. Vooris is a Trainer and Facilitator for The Nurturing Parenting Program and Systematic Training for Effective Parenting Program (STEP) and is experienced delivering help to families in their homes.
  • Ms. Vooris speaks conversational Spanish

Biographical Information

Allow me to introduce myself.  

I was born in Africa and spent most of my early life in England as the daughter of an anthropologist and psychologist. My up-bringing helped shape my natural abilities and many of the beliefs that I bring to my practice of Mindfulness and Life Coaching.  As a child, I was often navigating new surroundings. I learned that being resourceful and maintaining a positive outlook always helped me find a sense of place, even when I felt stuck “in-between.” Being resourceful and focusing on the positive elements of my experiences enabled me to grow and survive, and sometimes even flourish, wherever our family went.  

Raising a family of four introduced new life experiences.  Tapping into all I had learned from my graduate degrees in psychology and school guidance, I often found myself in the role of coach, resource and guide not only to my children but to other children, families, students, friends and colleagues as they navigated life passages and challenges.   Some of my coaching specialties have included helping parents cope with and manage children’s eating disorders, severe anxiety, panic attacks, anger outbursts, learning disorders, executive functioning disorders, Asperger’s disorder, attention deficit disorder and sexual identity challenges.  All of this experience and education, I bring to you.

Experience and Education

Ms. Vooris grew up in England and completed her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology at Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England.  After moving to Maryland, she went on to qualify as a Child Life Specialist working at Johns Hopkins Hospital and The Kennedy Krieger Institute, in Baltimore. As a Child Life Specialist, Ms. Vooris worked with head trauma patients, approaching care from a systems approach, to address the psychosocial and emotional needs of the patients and their families .

After moving to the Eastern Shore Ms. Vooris spent the next 20 years working with parents and families incorporating the key elements of family, school and community into the treatment plans for at-risk youth and her other clients. Ms. Vooris worked in and with Social Services, public schools and private schools and even in many families’ homes. She has worked with all ages and cultures and is able to speak conversational Spanish.

Most recently Ms. Vooris worked as a Director for Global Programs within a school setting.  As Director, Ms. Vooris counseled numerous International Students and their overseas families as the students navigated their moves to the United States and learned to live in a completely new culture. Ms. Vooris also counseled Host Families as they developed roles and relationships with the International Students living in their home.  Supporting and counseling the International Students and their Host Families offered countless opportunities to foster cultural awareness. The teenagers were far from home and arrived with a completely different language and cultural background.  Supporting the emotional well-being of the students sometimes included mental health issues and collaboration with local psychologists for therapy and assessment.

Ms. Vooris has a MA in Psychology from Washington College and an MEd from Wilmington College in School Counseling. Her Certificate of Mindfulness Coach was earned under the direction of Christopher Willard Psy.D, Harvard Medical School.  Ms. Vooris is a Psychology Associate in the State of Maryland and practices under the supervision of Dr Samantha Scott and Dr. Adeline Tryon.