Coaching? Academic? Executive Functioning? ADHD? Social Skills? Life?

Do you feel overwhelmed?  

Is your mind on overload?  

Is it hard to get anything done?  

Are you having trouble sleeping?

Are you having trouble with your friends?

I can’t concentrate!  

I’ve got too much going on!  

Get me out of this Drama!

My parents don’t understand me.  

My friends want me to be someone I’m not.

Do you feel helpless or that your child is out of control?

Have you lost communication with those you love?

Does your child have anger outbursts you cannot manage, or struggling socially?

Is your child choosing unhealthy ways to manage their stress?

Is separation or divorce taking a toll on your child?

Do any of these sound like you?  If so, Coaching can help. Call or email us today. Just do it! Get your life back! We’ll help.

What is Coaching?  

Sometimes, you may not feel you need a psychologist or therapist, but you’d still like to talk with someone about events, relationships, transitions, goals, routines (or the lack thereof), organization (or not!) or decisions you’re making. Perhaps you or your child are challenged with developing or executing plans and have been told your executive functioning needs strengthening to show your true potential at school or work.  Coaching can help in all of these areas.  We can tailor our coaching services to meet your needs.

When considering Coaching, it is helpful to remember: Our life is a journey, and we create the way we walk it. Do you constantly feel that there are obstacles in the way or that you are not good enough or that life is not changing, and you feel stuck? In many situations we are the ones creating these obstacles, albeit unknowingly, by the way we think and create the stories in our mind. We can get stuck thinking negatively instead of positively. A life coach can help you take control of the way you walk your journey.

Call our Life Coach today, she can help you decide if Coaching is right for you or your loved one. Referrals will be made if there is a clinical need.