Ask Yourself:

  • Are you worried?
  • Do your worries make it hard to fall asleep?
  • Are you anxious and uptight?
  • Is it hard to relax?
  • Are social situations hard for you?
  • Would you rather drop your class than do a required presentation?
  • Worried about what others are saying or whether your performance is good enough?
  • Does your mind go blank just as you’re about to make a point or take a test?
  • Are you fearful of certain situations, like driving over the bridge?
peaceful- woman high-state-of-emotional-being.jpg

If you answered yes to some of these questions, you should consider psychotherapy or Mindfulness Coaching.

At the Child & Family Center, we have a team of qualified therapists and psychologists so that you can find the right person with whom to start your journey toward wellness. We offer evidence-based treatment to help you feel better as soon as possible. You can feel safe and secure about the confidential services you receive from our seasoned professionals who have had a lot of experience helping others in similar situations.

We offer services in Salisbury and Easton MD as well as Teletherapy services for individuals who cannot travel to our offices.