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Employment Opportunities

Licensed Clinician or Postdoctoral Fellow, Salisbury and Easton MD

Full or part-time clinicians wanted.  The Child and Family Center is an established and success practice with two locations in Salisbury and Easton, MD. Opportunity for either location or split between the two. This is great opportunity for a post doctoral trainee or a licensed provider. If you are interested in joining a practice with recognized professionals who value quality of treatment and care about each other and the communities they service, contact us:

The primary responsibilities and learning opportunities for these positions will involve cognitive behavioral and other research-based treatment for children, teens and adults presenting with a wide variety of emotional and behavioral challenges. Applicants should demonstrate experience treating a variety of disorders including attention and anxiety disorders in children and teens using research based methods.  Positive and warm interpersonal and communication skills, and a high level of attention to detail are a must. Applicants should also be open to feedback and good at working as part of a team.  Additional responsibilities and training include conducting psychoeducational evaluations, writing comprehensive reports and community outreach (e.g., school meetings). A smaller portion of the position will involve coordinating and overseeing undergraduate interns. Additional experience is offered by means of an associated non-profit organization for teenage girls.  This opportunity offers additional experience with mentoring, business and psychological research.  A full description of the postdoctoral fellowship is available via the contact listed above.

A licensed psychologist working full-time can expect to take home up to $60,000- $80,000 annually. This is based on level of expertise and paid billable hours with a fee for service, percentage compensation. Most areas on the Eastern Shore are under served, and additional opportunities likely exist for the enterprising psychologist. The practitioner will function as a contractor and maintain their professional license and professional liability insurance.


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