Ask Yourself:

Is your marriage stressful?

Do your problems stay unresolved?

Are you impulsive or struggle to make good decisions?

Are you, your spouse, or child always arguing?

Do you have trouble interacting with others including coworkers?

Do you have trouble keeping a job?

Are you worried your divorce is affecting your children?

Do you worry about your future, being alone?

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If you answered yes to some of these questions, you should consider psychotherapy or Mindfulness Coaching to start feeling better today.

At the Child & Family Center, we have a team of qualified therapists and psychologists so that you can find the right person with whom to start your journey toward wellness. We offer evidence-based treatment to help you feel better as soon as possible. You can feel safe and secure about the confidential services you receive from our seasoned professionals who have had a lot of experience helping others in similar situations.

We offer services in Salisbury and Easton MD as well as Teletherapy services for individuals who cannot or prefer not to travel to our offices.