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She also believes strongly in incorporating family, school, and community systems when appropriate. She has developed emotion regulation treatment programs that she often uses with children to address behavioral difficulties, attention and impulsivity challenges, and anxiety. Dr. Scott has extensive training and experience working with children, adolescents, and adults experiencing a wide range of social and emotional difficulties. These difficulties include depression and mood-related disorders (e.g., bipolar disorder), anxiety (including school refusal, panic, selective mutism and PTSD), ADHD/ODD, assisting parents with the management of hard to manage children, developmental disabilities, trauma-related reactions and adjustment-related stress reactions that often occur during transitions (e.g., family transitions, divorce, bereavement, relocation, school changes, etc.). Dr. Scott has implemented and won awards for her school-based bullying prevention program and understands the importance of helping children who have been involved in bullying (both victims and aggressive children). If Dr. Scott is unable to offer treatment for a specific need, she will help refer you to a specialist who can.

Dr. Scott has specialized training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Behavioral Modification techniques, Play Therapy, and Parent Training. She utilizes a systemic approach to design individual treatment strategies that incorporate each individual’s unique needs in order to promote psychological wellness across settings and maintain therapeutic change.

Biographical Information

Dr. Scott received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with honors from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. As an undergraduate, Dr. Scott focused her research and clinical work on examining early disruptive behavior problems and academic difficulties for high-risk youth. She went on to complete her graduate training under the supervision of Dr. Deborah C. Beidel, at the University of Central Florida where she continued to study and treat children and adolescents with a variety of academic, emotional and behavioral difficulties.

She also obtained extensive training in offering comprehensive psychological, neuropsychological, and educational assessments. Her research efforts focused on emotion regulation as well as the behavioral and physiological responses of children with selective mutism to various social situations. In 2012, Dr. Scott completed an APA-accredited internship at the West Virginia University School of Medicine under the supervision of Dr. John C. Linton. During her internship, Dr. Scott honed her therapeutic and assessment skills in both inpatient and outpatient settings and obtained additional training in consultation, collaboration with allied professionals, and understanding medical conditions often related to psychological difficulties. She was also able to implement and win awards for her school-based bullying prevention program. In August 2012, Dr. Scott returned to her hometown of Salisbury, Maryland where she joined the Child& Family Center with Dr. Adeline C. Tryon.

Personal Information

Originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Dr. Scott is excited to be back in her hometown of Salisbury! When not in the office, Dr. Scott enjoys spending time with her family and friends, volunteering, exercising and going to the beach

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