Fall into Routines, and Improve Old Habits: Tips for surviving the first quarter of school.

It’s hard to believe that the 1st quarter of the school year is quickly coming to an end. It feels like just yesterday when we were up to our necks in summertime fun. The first quarter of the school year often slips by with families focused on getting back into routines for bedtime, school, sports, and homework.   By the time that the first report card comes home, some children may already be struggling to keep up and master new material.

If you notice your child is struggling, don’t get upset. The Child & Family Center offers tips to help guide you and your child, or just give us a call.  We can help you and your child figure it out!

·         Be calm and ask to your child about their experience at school—For instance, you might ask: Is the teacher moving too quickly? Do you need extra help with some topics? Is something going on at school that is distracting or upsetting you (bullying, relationships, etc.)?  Are you struggling with organization? Do you miss out on some of what your teacher is saying and then feel lost? Would it be helpful to revamp our homework routine, so you are able to put forth your best effort?

·         Accentuate the positive, no matter how small it is—Maybe your child is failing their math class, but they received an A+ on the quiz in art class. Be sure to celebrate this achievement as it will encourage them to strive for good grades in the future.

·         Make a plan with your child—Ask your child what areas/topics they would like help.  Offer ideas such as, going to talk with their teacher to make sure the routines are clear? More help with homework?  More help checking their work before they turn it in?

·         Look beyond the grades—Investigate whether there may be a hearing or vision problem, difficulty attending, struggling with one specific subject (that could suggest a learning disability).  Smart kids often try to take the attention off their difficulty at school by acting like the class clown.

·         Seek Professional Advice—Give us a call to schedule an evaluation today! While we offer comprehensive assessment and evaluation services, we also offer individual consultation appointments to help you decide what makes sense for you and your child.  Our team will provide you with the answers you need to help your child succeed in school.

·         Encourage your child—Always tell your child to try their best, regardless of the grade that is earned. Not every child is going to be an A+ student, and that is okay. It is important to remember that an honest effort and positive attitude matter the most.

Whether it’s with homework or a specialized subject, a new year of school brings a chance to refresh. If your child’s first quarter performance isn’t quite as refreshing as you’d hoped, don’t sweat it! Use the tips above to ensure a better outcome on the next report card. Call us!  We can help!